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The Application

  • Extending campus network to a WLAN at low cost
  • Expanding existing LANs to full indoor and outdoor campus coverage
  • Wireless access for the dormitories
  • Ad-hoc network connections for enrollment, orientation, interflow program activities
  • Connection from anywhere to campus resources, e.g. library services
  • Distance learning from anywhere
  • Outdoor teaching

The Challenge

  • Installation without disturbing students
  • Complicated environment
  • Congested block wiring
  • High user capacity
  • High throughput requirements

Altai Solution

  • Fast deployment in hours
  • No in-house wiring required
  • Flexible antenna mounting
  • Only a few BTSs are needed
  • High throughput capacity
  • Bandwidth and access control


Altai Super WiFi Outdoor WiFi Experts

Altai Super Wifi products are a complete wireless solution and deployed worldwide. They are now being deployed in Australia.

To become an Altai Super Wifi distributor in Australia and learn more about our products, training and support, just provide us with your contact details and we will be in touch.

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